Ambulance Transportation


Every second counts. If you or your loved ones need to be transported to the emergency room please contact us immediately. Do not wait! Our dispatchers will ensure that the appropriate resources are promptly sent to you and can direct you through the process until our Paramedics and EMT’s arrive by your side.

ALS Transport

Our Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulances are staffed with at least one Paramedic and one EMT. We provide emergency and scheduled ALS transportation for patients who require a high level of treatment and medical monitoring to the emergency room or other sub-acute or long term acute care facilities. Providing cardiac monitoring, IV medications, airway management, and other advanced life support measures.

BLS Transport

Our Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances are staffed with two EMT’s and are trained to handle most medical and traumatic emergencies, both critical and non life threatening. BLS ambulances also provide routine transpiration to and from hospitals, clinic, and other medical facilities. We also provide scheduled transportation for patients requiring repetitive dialysis treatments or other scheduled appointments.


Mountain States EMS provides medical standby services for events of all kinds. We provide standby services for Rodeos, Festivals, Concerts, Foot Races, Bike Races, Terrain Runs. Sporting events including MMA, Wrestling and Moto-cross. We can also provide first aid booths for meetings, conferences and other corporate events. 

We have provided EMS standby for the movie and TV industry up to and including being featured in several productions.

Event packages range from one EMT to a multiple EMS Personnel at the BLS and ALS Level.

Specialty requests such as going out of state, remote locations or requests requiring special equipment will be considered on a case by case basis.


At Mountain States we take patient safety very seriously. We are one of the few ambulance services in the greater Denver Metro area that has a vehicle that carries specialized equipment built for the safe and efficient transportation of bariatric patients. We can accommodate patients up to 1,000 lbs. Our staff receives regular training on the use of specialty equipment needed to accomplish this type of transport. Our staff has the skills necessary to ensure that the patient feels safe and calm during the lifting, moving, and transport to their destination, all while maintaining the level of respect that the patient deserves.

Regardless if you need to go just a couple miles or from coast to coast, we love to travel! We have traveled all over the country both by ambulance and air. At times long distance transport is necessary for one to get the care they need whether it’s going to a higher level of care or to be closer to family. After consulting with the patient or the patient representative, we will coordinate what level of care and what mode of transport best accommodates the patients needs. Costs of services are determined by distance, mode of transportation, and level of care needed.

Comfort and safety is essential during transport. With a hovermatt it makes that easy. Hovermatts are designed to safely move someone from the bed to the stretcher and vise versa. When someone has a deep sore transferring from one bed to another can irritate it and possible cause further damage. Hovermatts help reduce the possibility of that happening. Basically it’s a sophisticated air mattress that acts like a hoverboard that slides right under the patient. The Hovermatt inflates and provides a cushion of air which enables the care providers to transfer a patient from one surface to another with ease and comfort. Hovermatts can also be used for patients with other conditions that may require special cautions moving.

Mountain States has agreements with multiple medical flight agencies both fixed wing and rotor wing. We provide patient and flight crew ambulance transportation through-out the greater Denver Metropolitan area. These services include flight crew returns, organ and transplant team transportation, blood and other specimens pick up and delivery.

We service all general aviation airports along the front range and also provide service to Denver International Airport.

We can also arrange transport for patients coming in via commercial carriers.